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Toner Cartridge Drawer is Stuck (Canon ImageCLASS mf642cdw)


I got my first paper jam with this new printer and opened the toner cartidge drawer instead of the Multi Purpose drawer. But the cartridge drawer seems to have gone of its rails (Does it have rails?) or is caught on something and will not slide back in to the printer or pull out any more. I'm unable to close the front panel now either due to how the drawer is protruding. I don't want to force the drawer in or use force to pull it out either as I'm not sure what damage that will do. Any advice? I can't seem to find anything of use in the Canon support manuals. Stuck Toner Cartridge Drawer 



The printer is unuseable, so you need to get that carrier out..  as gently as possible

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UPDATE: I was able to get the drawer to open—The hinge had come out of the mechanism on the lefthand side of the printer and wouldn't disengage the release mechanism for the toner cartridge drawer. I was able to gently press the black plastic piece into its housing and that gave me the clearance to reinsert the white plastic peg.

I was also able to remove the envelpoe that cause the paper jam that set about this whole mess.

Now I'm having the issue of not being able to slide the drawer all the way back in if I have the Magenta or Yellow toner cartrideges inserted. It's like they are catching on something and not allowing the drawer do roll all the way in. Without them the drawer rolls all the way in. With the yellow cartridge in place It will only close 1/2 of the way. With the magena cartige in place but no yellow cartrige it will close 3/4 of the way. 

This leads me to believe that something is causing the issue on the internal track/lock mechanisms at the Magenta cartridge stage.

Any advice? 

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Jkadz,


This issue can be caused by something wrong with the hardware or the way that the toner cartridges are sitting in the printer. To make sure they are seated properly you can review the steps for loading the toner using the link provided HERE.


If you have followed the steps to reload the toner and you still can't close the drawer, I would suggest contacting support at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to check what is keeping the drawer from closing all the way.

I am having this same issue. Once I get the left side in it is like it’s stuck and when I try to open the door it just pops back out. I also have the tray stuck. It’s like the little spring catches in the up left are “stuck open” or something and causing it to hang up. Any help would be appreciated if you were able to solve this. Thanks. 


I'm having the same issue but I can't get the tray out.. I was replacing the black cartridge and I could tell the tray was leaning to the left and wasn't seating properly when trying to close it. I pulled the black cartridge back out to see if was the cartridge and after doing so it closed but now it will NOT re-open. As I'm pulling the tray I can see the second cartridge rising up on the right hand side and its definitely the side its hangin one. Original poster if you could maybe grab a pic of the button you pushed down.



I have an ImageCLASS mf644cdw with the same problem. My tray appears to be stuck on the right side. I was able to slowly work on the tray by using a stiff wire that reaches about 6 inches into the printer. (Think coat hanger like wire.) I found that the spring loaded pins that seat on top of the toner cartridges were hitting the cartridges and not moving up. By helping them move up with the wire, I got the tray out. I took all the cartridges out and tried to put the tray back in and even the empty tray is doesn't go in at all. There are spring loaded white plastic gears on the right side sticking out it is hitting as well as the pins on top. Open or closing the door arms doesn't retract the upper gears while the larger bottom ones retract when the tray door opens. There must be some mechanism not enabling the gears to retract or the spring loaded pins to raise up. I am out of warranty and cannot find any help. I will likely go buy a new printer...probably not a Canon. 


man I just had the same thing happen . now having to see how to get the cartridge tray back in . 


I am having the same problem all morning. the tray stuck in the middle, can't pull out or push in all the way, I really need help. Called cannon, they close today


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