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Scan to Email never sends


My Canon MF267dw cannot scan to email. Here is what I've done based on scattered conversations and tutorials across the web.


I logged into the remote UI as a system admin
I set the port number to (587)

It's SMTP Server connects to

I added my email address and password in E-Mail Settings*

I enabled TLS for SMTP


The printer behaves exactly how it did before I changed anything. After choosing the destination E-Mail, I can click Start to scan. Then the only options I have are: Start again, to scan another page; cancel to leave; and a button that says "Start TX." This mysterious button is not mentioned in any videos or forum posts I've found. When pressed it prints page with a timestamp and summary, says 0 sheets were scanned, and under Error it says 1.


There is no button that says "Done," and no indication of any kind about whether it sent something or tried to and failed.


*This part was different than every tutorial I've found. I think the UI has been reorganized, or subtly differs from model to model. Other people found these settings under E-Mail/I-Fax Settings, or TX Settings, neither of which appear on my remote UI





Since you are using Gmail, please enable "allow connection from less secure apps" in your Gmail account settings. 


Test and report back.

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The same is happening to me and "allow connection from less secure apps" tested and same result. 

Hello mjawadanjum.


To ensure the printer is being allowed to communicate with Google, from the printer's home screen:


  1. Tap on Menu.

  2. Tap on Network Settings.

  3. Tap on TCP/IP Settings.

  4. Tap on IPv4 Settings

  5. Tap on Ping command.

  6. Set the pinged IP address to (Google's public DNS), and then tap Apply. 

Does it list that it can communicate with the IP address, or does it give an error or "no response"?


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It says "No Response from the Host". Is there any thing else that could be done to resolve this issue.

Hi mjawadanjum.


If the printer is unable to ping Google's public DNS address, then something on your network is preventing the printer from reaching outside.  Double-check the printer's connection (signal should be "Good" or better) and the router's security settings to ensure that the printer is allowed to communicate externally (with the world wide web).  The printer's MAC (Media Access Control) Address may be used to identify the printer on the router. It may be found in the printer's wireless or wired network settings


Note:  The MAC Address for a wired network connection will be different than the MAC Address for wireless.

Hi All. Hope you're looking forward to the Holiday season. I'd like to follow up on this thread. I just installed my MF267dw and followed all of the instructions to setup scan to email with no luck. I have tried  to set this up with multiple gmail accounts. I also follwed the instructions in the thread to ping Google's publich DNS using and received a sucessful message (no error message). My printer is connected directly to the router. All other functions are working as expected (printing, scanning to computer, faxing). I have also follwed all of the setup instructions ( on the local portal and keep getting #846 errors when sending. Any help anyone could provide? Thanks!


I'm in the same boat as rabbitbodyguard and mrosario.


I am able to ping out of my printer to the google DNS no problem. I have another canon printer with the exact same settings, and it is able to send things properly (mf414dw), but this one is not. Not sure what I can do about it.


Any help would be appreciated!

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