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SMTP Password for MF642CDW


Hi, I'm trying to use SendGrid as my SMTP client for sending scanned documents.  The password they generate (and unable to be changed by me) is being truncated in the printer configuration page.

The configuration page only lets me enter 32 characters for the password, but the generated password (aka API Key) for SendGrid is 69 characters long.  Is there a solution to this?

With Google locking down "less secure apps" using a site like SendGrid which offers free SMTP service would be ideal.  Please provide a software update to the printer that enables longer passwords.

I'm more than willing to write up some instructions on how to use SendGrid once I can get it working.




As an FYI, this would be a problem for any service where the user's password is more than 32 characters.  So, people using LastPass or similar that generates very long passwords would also have this issue.  Please prioritize.

Hello RobinsonPRNT,

I checked and it looks like 32 characters is the current limit and I was unable to locate a way to increase the limit. In this situation, I would suggest checking with support at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to check if there are any work arounds to get the scanner working with your SMTP service.

This needs to be escalated, please see my other comment below. You guys are sleepwalking into losing probably hundreds of contracts because of this.


Please escalate this issue to your developers. It's vitally important. Your products are falling out of compliance with industry standards. To put it as succinctly as possible:

SMTP auth is being severely limited by vendors like 365. Other solutions use strong API keys as SMTP relays. You NEED to comply with SMTP Auth specifications. 32 character passwords don't cut it, this is not 2005. If you can't provide this service, many large corporations are going to get contracts with your competitors, because we literally can't send SMTP using our relays because of this limitation. You will lose huge contracts if this is not addressed. It's a simple fix. 

And this is in addition to password vaulting like the original poster mentioned, which is a second related but problematic issue that also result in companies ending contracts for your machines.