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Paper source auto-select problem

Hi, I just set up a new MF6160DW, on a Windows 7 PC, and it seems to work well except for 1 setting I can't understand. I'd like the printer and copier to use drawer 1 for all printing, but to auto-detect paper in the multi-purpose tray, and prioritize that source whenever paper is present. The default settings in the Windows "Devices and Printers" for the UFRII LT driver "Preferences" Paper Source is set to "Auto". When I use the 6160's Menu-> Common Settings -> Printer, the only option shown is for Drawer 1, no multi-purpose tray. For copying, I've been able to set Multi-Purpose tray priority, but copying is not possible without paper in that tray (i.e.: it won't automatically shift to Drawer 1 if the MP tray is empty). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Pableau

I know this thread is 2 years old but it is exactly the issue I'm am facing. I just bought a MF628cw and when I am printing on both sides of the paper I would like to be able to print the 1st page from the drawer, and then insert that paper into the tray to print the second page. However it seems to want to use paper from the drawer again. Yes, I've gone through all the settings I can find, but no go. Any help out there?

Hi glasspilot.


The manual feed slot is normally used for special printing, such as envelopes or cards.  If you are using the same size paper in the cassette tray and the manual feed slot, the machine will automatically pull from the cassette tray first, and you will have to manually set the manual feed slot as the default paper source.


If you have any other questions regarding this issue, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666) and we will be glad to assist you.

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It is my experience that there is no way to get the behavior you want. I struggled with the same thing myself. These printers are very versatile, but the multi-purpose tray is very restrictive in how it operates. I spoke with Canon on the phone and the support person told me there was no way to do what I wanted to do (which is the same thing you are trying to do).


I would absolutely love this printer if there were a way to set it to 'dumb mode' and just pull from the multi-purpose tray whenever something is there, but that is not possible.


Canon over-engineered this printer. In one office I had to get rid of my Canon printer and substitute an HP 225 precisely because of this problem. It's sad because it is a great printer with a fatal flaw. I still use the Canon in one office, but users consistently complain about this exact problem.


Someone at Canon was too smart for their own good.

Thanks Patrice and Ted for your input,


What I discoved works for me is this. For simplicities sake lets say I have a 2 page document (like a bank statement) I want to print front and back. I print page one and the printer takes paper from the "cassette". Before I print the second page I change the paper source to the "multipurpose tray". I click print and then put the page in (blank side up, top of page first). It pulls the page in and I get what I want.


Except for this little ritual to be economical with paper, I love this printer. But for the money I paid, I wish it had automatic duplexing.


Back in the early 2000's I bought an HP printer, a higher end model, that had auto 2 page printing. I loved that printer. But when it was only a few years old a little plastic gear broke. I looked online for the part and HP said "We no longer support this model". Ugggggggggggggh! Planned obsolencence exists!

The 6160 does have automatic duplexing. You have to click on the 'Menu' button, then in the window use the arrow keys to move down to Printer Settings, then 2-Sided Printing, then turn it on.


I have it set to default to duplex printing and that is very nice. It pulls paper from the casette and prints duplex.