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MX922 with MacOS “Sonoma” 14.4 Doesn't Print Some Documents Correctly


Since *perhaps?* MacOS 14.2 last December, our MX922 prints photos just fine; it works just fine with AirPrint from our iPad & iPhones but it FAILS on documents that have text and/or lines. We now have this problem with MacOSX

For example, printing a single month from the standard Calendar app: the print preview looks just like the on-screen but the printout has extremely faint text and lines separating the days on the calendar. Both my MacBook Pro and my wife's M1 iMac have this same result. The (essentially identical) calendar app on our iPad prints OK. I brought my Canon iB4120 home from my office, and it also has NO problem with any devic es.

I get the same result if I print the calendar to a PDF set up for the MX922 and then try to print the PDF from Preview. A PDF of the calendar page, created on a current-OSX Mac 14.4 has the same problem—as if the way that MacOS tries to write text and lines is not handled correctly on the MX922, regardless of the source document type

I called the “upgrade” line and was told the MX922 was STILL SUPPORTED but there seems some incompatibility to the latest OSX. Does anyone else see this? Any ideas for a fix?

PS: I have OSX 14.4.1 cued up for tonight and will remove this Q if it fixes the problem.

UPDATE: Firmware shows as current ( and this AM I did a full reset of the printer w no apparent change