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Paper Jam error when trying to scan from feeder (MF452dw, networked)


We keep getting a "Paper jam" error when trying to scan from the feeder, but there doesn't seem to be anything actually stuck (at least in the visible parts of the paper path). Scanning (and copying from the glass plate works fine).

It does recognize when an original (or a stack of originals) is inserted into the feeder, but  when it tries to pull in a sheet in the feeder, it just throws the "Paper jam" error and the onscreen help, well, doesn't, as  nothing is visible.

There is also nothing obviously broken, and all paper pickup levers and rollers seem to functional at a first glance.

Any help/idea where to look next would be appreciated....


Product Expert
Product Expert


If you have already tried opening the feeder cover and wiping the rollers with a damp cloth using the steps in the link HERE, it looks like the printer needs service. It would usually mean something has been pulled into the feeder that you do not have access to or one of the jam sensors are damaged. To check your service options, you can log into your MyCanon account or contact support at 1-800-652-2666.