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Package-Aware Print Drivers?


So the recent print server vulnerability caused Microsoft to patch up Point and Print. Now package-unaware V3 drivers do not play nice with Group Policy.


A lot of the network printers on our print server already have packaged drivers and aren't affected. All of our Canon drivers do not, however, and this means we need to go to each user and put in administrator credentials in order for them to make a (new) printer connection to our Canon imageRunners...


Even the latest UFRII drivers for our models appear to still be unpackaged...


Does Canon offer package-aware V3 drivers? If not, do they plan to offer them? We'd like to know what Canon's doing about this so we can take the appropriate steps.



This is an end-user supported forum. You are best served by calling 1-800-OK-CANON.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic


Same issue here, We have lexmark's and Canon's we pushed the win updates for July on the 21st, Came in Monday morning to find all the canon's were gone. Manualy mapped them on about 2 dozen just to relize we had the GP on replace, it deleted all of them that we bandaid'd. About to rollback the windows updates that were fixing the 20 year old bug. Couldn't beleive lexmark drivers worked over Canon's. SMH!


Updates to uninstall:

Windows 10 - 1511



Windows 10



Windows 8.1 and older




This is a huge issue for many. Canon need to urgently release packaged drivers for Windows servers. They appear to be the only vendor that does not.


I'm a technician working on Canon products. Canon is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. Unfortunately, it may be end of September before the fix is ready.



As usual, MS tried to fix something and broke something else in the process.

In other words Microsoft told, please make packaged drivers since vista, and Canon did not made this.,

Anyways. If you set the right GPO at Computer settings/administrative templates/printers/point and print restrictions the issue seems solved.

Hi LJS576,

Do you have any idea if the new driver can work on legency models and current selling models?? My office is having iradvc5045 and iradvc5240.



It seems, if you set this GPO right, the problem will be solved. )Disabled is now not a right setting) Computer settings/administrative templates/printers/point and print restrictions

If i understand U correctly, only setting GPO "Computer settings/administrative templates/printers/point and print restrictions" to disabled will not solve the problem, you will have to specify the settings in the policy to make it work?

Disable Point and Print restrictions work only is the driver respect this criteria :
Package aware
Digitally signed
Catalogue print drivers

It’s functional for my with HP and Dell printer


This is not the case for some driver Canon (ImageRunner in my case) "NON PACKAGED"




I contact Canon today there are already aware of the problem and they will probably reissue driver in September

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