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Mf644cdw won’t do anything right PLEASE HELP


Print comes out,faded out of line. It won’t let image.jpgme do cleaning it won’t let me do a full adjumnent. It use to print fine. Now it’s all faded, spots and white areas that don’t get color. It won’t let me configure. Toners are 90 percent full ink density a lot. I’m using 3rd party toner but that’s it everything else I’ve done won't work. 



I'm not sure what to say.  This is not my experience.


I've had my Pixma 100 for over a year

My 644 about a month 

and 2 LBP226dw


Like others, I did recenty experience the partial printing issues with some W10 devices that received the KB500802 and KB500808 updates on or after 3/9. 


This was resolved by applying the hotfixes released by MS the following week.  PITA for sure.  About 1/3 of the users in one office lost the ability to print reliably for a few days. 


I don't use 3 party inks/toners.  I've seen them work really well and other times, not good at all.  I assume your printer worked at one time with OEM toner.  All of things you are describing.  Faded colors, incorrect rendition, alignment issues can all result from using lower quality "compatible" inks or toners. 


Whats keeping you from printing a test pattern, cleaning or alighment?  You just say "can't" or "won't" which doesn't really tell us what you did or what happeneded when you did it?  


I suggest you try Canon toner before deciding your printer is the problem.  

Bay Area - CA

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I just bought another printer if imma buy new ink might as well get a new printer hahahah so imma see what’s up but it won’t let me wuick adjust won’t let me full adjust won’t let me do anything it says could not be performed OVER AND OVER AND OVER OVER. It say printing...... beep beep beep. Could not be performed blank blank blank..

Hello Eddybravo,


The Canon genuine toner cartridges have chips on them that gives the printer information. The chip gives the toner level to the printer and allows you to perform print quality adjustments. If you are using third party toners you will not be able to perform certain adjustment to the print quality or perform certain maintenace functions. The Image does look like a toner issue. You can try reseating the toner and giving them a slight shake to make sure the toner is evenly distributed inside of the cartridge. If that does not resolve the issue, I would suggest trying genuine Canon toner cartridges.


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