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Maxify MB2720 Change ink cartridge early


How can I change an ink cartirdge, even if it doesn't show out of ink?  I have a yellow cartridge that has ink, but perhaps is faulty and needs replaced (have restarted, running head cleaning several times).


It doesn't give me the option to change b/c it has ink. 


How can I manually change an ink cartridge???


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Pulsifire,

The ink tanks in the Maxify printers will not move to the middle until they are low/empty. If one of the tanks are not printing properly, you can try performing cleanings or deep cleanings to get the ink flowing out of the print head properly or to drop the ink level to the point it can be replaced. 


Right Hector - thanks.  But if a deep cleaning doesn't work, you have to run that cycle 20+ times or go to the Internet and find a hack to get the cartridge out.  

Really disappointed there is no option to 'change cartridge manually' (or whatever).  Add a warning, if needed, that this is not recommended, etc.  But to leave users no option for the solution is really a miss in the user experience.