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MF9220Cdn Insert toner error message


I had a paper jam on my printer, which I cleared, but now it is cycling through error message "Insert xxx toner correctly" for all 4 toner cartidges.

I have tried reseating the cartridges, turned the unit off and on several times, but cannot clear the message.

What is going on, and how do I fix it?




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello 408Limey,

If the printer is not able to detect the toner after a paper jam, it will usually mean the jam damaged a toner cartridge or the hardware. In this situation, you can try a different toner cartridge in the printer to see if it is detected. If it is still unable to detect the toner cartridge, it would mean there is something wrong with the hardware. You can try opening the printer and removing the toner and check for any remnants of the paper jam or any obstructions preventing the toner from loading properly. If you do not see anything on the inside of the printer that you can remove, it would mean the printer needs service.