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DR-6010C Issue on configuring CaptureOnTouch for Barcode Separation



I have an issue on configuring Barcode Separation on CaptureOnTouch V4. The scanner I use is the DR-6010c and the OS on the client PC is Windows 10.

What I need to configure;

1) The user needs to insert a batch of documents with barcodes. I need the software to identify the barcodes and to save all the documents that have the same barcode on the same file. When it meets a different barcode, to save all the documents in the same file until it meets a different barcode etc.

2) I want each of those files that are being created to be named after the barcode.


You can see below my configuration;

1) Barcode Separation settings


In Test, it recognizes the barcode normally


2) File name settings


I have left the name blank, and in the Details Settings I have configured to receive the barcode number as name by creating this Detection Result string.


Now, I face two issues;

1) When I try to scan some documents, and press finish to save it, it prompts an error message saying that the path is not valid. Nevertheless, it saves the file in the correct folder, it gives the name of the first document's barcode bit it doesn't do the searation.

2) In the configuration, in the File name settings I inserted something to test it (before I had it as blank), the error message didn't prompt and it did separate the  documents. The problem here is that it didn't have the name I want (I need the file to have ONLY the number of the barcode as name), also it separated each page of the documents even those who had the same barcode.


Is there any solution to my problem? My issue is that I want to replace the Capture Perfect 3.1 that the users are currently using.

Please let me know if you need more details on the issue.

Best regards,





If you're having trouble configuring Barcode Separation in CaptureOnTouch, start by reviewing the official documentation to ensure you're following the correct steps. Update CaptureOnTouch to the latest version, as updates often address bugs. Check the barcode settings, verify barcode quality, and confirm scanner compatibility. Ensure proper barcode placement on documents. Conduct tests with sample documents to identify issues. If problems persist, consult support resources such as the official website, forums, or customer support. Community forums may have insights, and if part of an organization, involve your IT or technical support team for assistance.

Thanks for the advise.

I completely understand what you re saying. I am in the IT of my organization. All those you are saying, I have done. Unfortunately, the official documentation doesn't cover any needs, so that's the reason I am asking for any insight from the community.



Have you considered reaching out to Support directly?


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Hello Rick, thanks for the answer.

Of course, it was the first thing to consider! Unfortunately, the support in my country told me that they support only home products and not enterprise (!!!) and they do not know about CaptureOnTouch. Also, the link to "Request information" for the software in Canon's website, doesn't seem to work.


Best regards,


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