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MF743Cdw will not boot


I bought an MF743Cdw a week ago and when I turned it the Canon Logo stayed and never went to the main screen. I did let it sit loading for at least 30 mins.

Is this unit Dead on Arrival? How do I exchange it if I need to?

How do I contact Technical Support this is supposed to have a 3-year warranty, but cannot reach anyone.

Please help/advise




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Gap2143,

You can try unplugging the printer from the power and then pressing the power button 10 times while the printer is unplugged. After that, you can plug the printer into a different power source and you can try turning it on. If it still fails to get past the start screen, it would mean the printer needs service. You can check you service options by logging into your MyCanon account or contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. To contact phone support the printer would need to be registered to your MyCanon account.