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MF743CDW envelope roller repeat print


Couple days ago purchased a MF743CDW.  Working good.  Prints fine.  Printing envelops works fine except it makes a faint repeat print of the address about an inch away from the original address line.  As if a roller picks up the ink from the original address print and deposits it again very faintly.  When I send the file to print the driver knows I’m sending an envelope which is thicker than regualr paper.  I don’t see anywhere in the manual printer settings on the printer to tell it there are envelopes in the multipurpose tray.  Or even if I need to do that.  It only allows me to select different types of sheet paper.  Am I missing something to get it to print envelopes correctly without a roller reprint?  Any constructive help would be much appreciated.   



Solved my own issue.  Posting incase anybody else has this issue.


There is in fact a no10 envelope setting for paper type for the multipurpose tray.  It needs to be set.  The computer printer settings for the print driver will not tell the printer it needs to treat the paper in the multipurpose try as an envelope.  In my case the setting needs to be done through the driver AND on the printer itself.  Finding the no10 option is buried.  Mine was not listed under paper settings>multipurpose tray.  Its under paper settings>select frquesntly used paper sizes>multipurpose tray.  A different branch.  Interesting once I unchecked it from frequently used sizes, it then became an option under the 1st level multipurpose tray setting.  Once the no10 envelope is set, the roller faint second reprint of the address no longer occured.  I so wish the driver could tell the printer its printing an envelope so I do not need to manually set the paper type on the physical printer each time I'm doing an envelope.  My previous Canon did not need me to do this.  But at least I can do envelopes without issue now.