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MF644Cdw - Can't print after toner reaches 20%


Is there a setting to override this to less than 20%? It wouldn't let me print when I still had 20% toner left of blue so I put a new cartridge in to finish the job, but would really like to put the old one back in and use up that last 20% if possible.

Thank you


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Ngoodfellow,

If the toner cartridge is low, you should be able to continue printing, but it should give a warning about the print quality. To see what setting we can adjust or what might be causing the issue, could you reply with the error message that comes up on the computer or display when it does not print. If you are printing faxes you can adjust the setting to print when the cartridges is low. Once we have the specific message, we can assist further with the issue.

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