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MF644 - Runs duplex mode for both sides of paper even when it's just one page


I have all my drivers set to 1-sided printing - Windows 10, all settings are default. I print out 4 pages from an app like Word. It correctly prints on the front side of all 4 sheets. BUT! while doing so, for EACH sheet, the duplexer grabs the page and runs it back through a second time, printing NOTHING on the back side of each page. This happens with all laptops and all apps. While this doesn't cost any additional toner and the output ends up looking correct, every sing job is wasting time waiting for the blank side to "print", it wastes electricity, and labor costs while we wait. Please tell me how to shut off this annoying "feature".



Am I the only one with this issue?

Hello Mercusio,


To get the page to spit the page out without flipping the paper, you can change the paper feed method on the printer from print side priority to speed priority. You will find the settings under Menu>Function Settings>Common. You can view the settings using the link HERE.