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MF642CDW scan 1 pdf w/ multiple pages


I'm trying to scan the front and back of 1 page into a multi-page, single PDF file. 

I know this printer does not have duplex scanning.


I'm ok with scanning one side on the flatbed, then flipping it over and scanning the second side, then saving it as one PDF file. 


This is a trivial process on my Samsung multi-function and I'd have to think this is possible on my new Canon.



I figured it out! And literally made an account to reply and hopefully save the next person a headache!

If you download the Canon MF Scan Utility application on your computer, you can scan multiple pages and save as a single multipage pdf, BUT you have to initiate the scan from the Canon MF Scan Utility application on the computer, not on the actual printer/scanner device.

Place all the documents on the feeder and then, from the Canon MF Scan Utility application, click on "document". It will begin to scan, and then once it is done, it shows all the pages. Under each scanned page, it says the page number. (It looks like it's going to be multiple pdfs, but it isn't as long as the data format section underneath only says "pdf" and not "pdf -divide into single page files") If all the pages have appeared, click "ok."  It will then make them into a single pdf file. Side note: I did enable "check scan results" before, but I don't know if that affected the outcome.

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Any other details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue!

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I'm using the latest version of Windows 10

Hi sdyggm.


In order to scan a multipage document, the MF642Cdw's scanner driver (the recommended) and software (MF Scan Utility) will need to be installed on the computer.  They're available, free of charge, at the following page:


Once they're installed, you may use the MF Scan Utility to set each scan option (for its own buttons and for those on the printer) as desired. The "PDF" option will scan all sheets scanned in a single session to a single PDF file, while the "PDF (Divide into Single-Page Files)" works as named.


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I have the Canon drivers and the MF scan utility, I have it set to "PDF" and not "divide into single page" and every time I click scan, it automatically just saves the file, instead of asking or waiting for me to scan additional pages to add to the pdf

Hi sdyggm.


Try enabling the Check Scan Results setting for the relevant scan type.  Keep in mind, changing the scan option for one scan type will not have any affect whatsoever on the other scan types (i.e. changing this setting for "Document Scan" will have no affect on the scan options on the "Color" or "B&W" Scan from Unit options, and vice versa).  Each scan type you wish to affect will need to be set individually, and the settings window re-entered after each such change.


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Thank you @sdyggm for being very clear about your question.  We are in the same predicament and, like you, have no issues manually flipping over a few pages on occasion.


We just got our Canon today and dumbfounded this trivial (and common) use case, that can be solved in software, is not provided to all those with simplex ADFs units [across their entire product line]


Places we looked:

  1. options in the web UI (we got scan to Evernote to work via email and now realize we can't manually duplex scan from the printer so the email feature is near useless)
  2. built-in Scanner app in macOS - no option.
  3. MF Scan Utility - no such option.  I tried "Check Scan Results" (as suggested) and this isn't what we are looking for either
  4. a suggestion to try an open source solution: NAPS2 on Ubuntu (software is not optimized for Linux or mac so didn't really expect it to work)

It was suggested to use an online utility to manually merge 2 separate PDFs (frontside scans and backside scans) and this would be a complete hassle for a 3 or 4 page double-sided document.


It hasn't been 24 hrs and I can't believe I'm ready to return this unit back to the store.


I absolutley hate creating e-waste and did a TON of research to help avoid a situation like this. I even skimmed the entire 773 page user manual before purchasing and while I still give credit to Canon for writing a great manual, I was left feeling like manual duplex scans were not going to be an issue and that we could save $130 over the MF644Cdw.


Foiled again and hope someone at Canon is listening and implements the necessary changes to the firmware and their software to ask for more pages to scan!

I too cannot believe duplex scanning is not available.  My previous scanner of 10 years had this and I assumed all modern scanners had this functionality.  I have had the 642 for over a month so returning to get one with this functionality is not possible.  An upgrade to the software to enable this would be great - but for now I will just have to keep using the 10 year old Xerox scanner and delegate the new Canon to print only functionality. Very dissapointing...

We found our gift horse - a Brother HL-L2395DW! It has duplex printing & this model *asks* if you have more pages to scan on the flatbed. Best of all, it scans straight to the cloud whether it's Evernote or email without ever attaching it to a desktop (the way it should be!). It's not color & could use a faster CPU for processing scans. For $169, it is a great deal for what it is with a very low print cost per page 👍

Canon, take some notes from your neighbor, Brother!

Yes, the Brother software works great at this feature.  Canon cannot seem to get it right even in late 2023.

click here to view the press release