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MF634cdw - Faded printing - unable to reach Canon support


I have a Imageclass MF634cdw.  It has begun producing faded prints.  I ran the "RDC faint print" and cleaning functions from the menu without success.  I have called the support line 12 times and the automated system won't recognize my model number.  I tried the email support ticket and it gives an error message telling me to call.


I need help and cannot manage to get any.  Ideas?




Hi Irwin,


I have provide some options to try to resolve the issue:


1.  Try replacing the paper with new pack or different type of paper if not plain laser paper.


2.  Check the volume of toner. Replace with Canon Genuine Toner Cartridges.


3.   Printouts may be faded immediately after replacement of toner cartridges with new ones. In this case, setting <Rdc. Faint Print After Rplc. Cart.> to <On> may solve the problem.
<Rdc. Faint Print After Rplc. Cart.>


4.  If you set to <On>, the setting will become effective with next replacement of toner cartridges.
Immediately after cartridge replacement, a certain amount of time is required for toner to be evenly distributed inside the cartridge.


5.  Environment where the temperature changes rapidly and drastically


When the temperature changes rapidly in the environment where the machine is installed, condensation occurs, which may cause fading or bleeding in images and text. If <Control Condensation> is set to <On>, condensation inside the machine will be removed. Condensation removal may be performed automatically due to temperature change.
<Control Condensation>


While condensation removal is being performed, printing may not be performed properly and blank paper may be output.
If you set to <On>, you need to keep the machine turned ON to maintain the effect of condensation removal.


Information gathered from optional manual at:


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:


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