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MF632cdw - left edge continuous streak (grey/black)


After review of others reporting this issue both on this forum and a general internet search, this is what I've done to address this issue.  I used the printer menu to both clean the Fixing Assembly and the ITB. I did several cleaning for both of these maintenance items.  Result - no impact on printer issue.  I opened the toner cartridge tray and peered into the transfer belt and did note some blue and magenta toner dust on the belt (left side).  After seeing the toner on the belt, I ran the ITB maintenance cleaner again.  No improvement to printout.  After looking inside the printer at the printer belt again, the toner dust didn't appear to have been removed.  

I'm using Cannon cartridges, so checking off that box as a possible cause.

No color issues.

Streaking is limited to left of page both front and back (flipping on the short edge).

This came on suddenly and not associated with the change of toner or other maintenance.

FrontFrontBack (flip short edge)Back (flip short edge)



Hello Canon Community.  I realize I'm but an "Apprentice", just curious about support on this forum?  Posted question Sunday October 30 and to date Wednesday Nov 02, no support or solutions.  Is this site monitored by reps from Canon or just user based support?  

Hello llplatz,

The image does look like there is something wrong with the hardware or the toner. If you noticed loose toner powder on the inside of the printer, it will usually be a problem with the toner. If you cleaned the inside of the printer and more powder appears, there might be a problem with the cyan or magenta cartridges. In this situation, you can try reseating the toner cartridges and checking for any leaking toner powder. While the cartridges are out of the printer, you can also check the toner loading area for any loose toner powder that can be cleaned up as well. If you continue to have problems with the lines, you can try replacing any toner cartridges that are leaking.

The forums are designed for Canon users to assist each other with any issues they come across and to share their tips/experiences with Canon products. For a more immediate resolution to any issues, you can log into your MyCanon account to check for any available service options or contact support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to help.