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MF267DW scanner utility installation


User can print to this printer over his wifi network, but has not installed the scanner utility software to scan.  When he tries to install it, it tells him he needs the printer driver installed.  When he tries to run the MF260MFdriver setup, he gets the message that he does not have sufficient privileges.  His user is set up as a local administrator on the Windows 10 computer.  Any ideas on how to get around this?


To get around this, I told the driver that it was USB and the driver installed.  I then installed the scanner utility.  After it installs, when I try to run it, it tells me there's no driver software for this printer.  The user can print to the printer from Windows.  Any ideas on how I can proceed?  I can try and remove the printer from Windows, but I'm not sure how the user can install the software for a network printer, even though they're an administrator on their machine.



Please provide us with a complete picture of the environment.


Computer make, model and OS. version, build 32/64bit, etc?


Printer is MF267DW, how is it connected?



What drivers are you trying to install?

Where did they come from?


Have you tried installing the printer under a different user profile?


Is there anti-virus software installed or running?



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