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MF217w prints but will not Scan over network Ethernet or WIfi



I know various versions of this post are on here, but I haven't been able to find a proper solution.


I have a desktop and laptop and they both seem to be able to print over the network (desktop hardwired/laptop wifi) to the printer, but scanning is an issue.  I always get the 255,0,0 error if done over the network, but I've had success if I directly connect it through USB both with the Scan Gear software and using the printers onboard menu.  I can't fiigure out why?


I'm running whatever the latest version of WIndows 10 is at this time.  I've done the latest firmware update and installed all the software that Canon has made avaiable, required and optional.  It's not he biggest deal if I can't get it to work, but it would be less annoying to have to usb it everytime I have to scan something which thankfully isn't all that often as of yet.




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Dommer75,


The error would mean that the scanner and toolbox connection are not matching up properly. In this situation, you can check the product name at the top of the MFtoolbox to see if it is set to the MF217 or MF217 network option. To scan over the network you can switch it to the 217 network option and try scanning again.


If the MFtoolbox does not have the option for the network version of your scanner, You can disconnect the USB cable and try the install for the Drivers and the Patch that will be under Recommended drivers HERE. Keep the cable disconnected during the setup and you can open the MFtoolbox again afterwards to see if you have a network option.


If you still get the error or if the network option does not appear, I would suggest contacting our phone team for support. This could also be caused by a network communication issue or security blocking the scanner connection. You can use the link HERE to create a Canon account and check your support options.


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