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MAXIFY GX6020 keeps defaulting to rear tray


As mentioned in the subject header my Maxify keeps defaulting to the rear tray.  The "Paper Source" is set to Cassette and the other printing preferences are set correctly (plain paper, letter size, standard print quality).  


I've confirmed that the application/software I'm printing from is also set to letter size. 



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello PatOrbis,

If the printer is unable to print on letter sized paper from the cassette, you can try reloading the paper on the printer using the steps in the link HERE. When you reload the paper, make sure the paper is set to letter size and plain paper like it shows in step 9. If that does not resolve the issue, you can try resetting the setting data using the steps in the link HERE.

This does not work. I'm dealing with the same problem on the Maxify GX7020 and I've driven myself crazy messing with the feed settings, resetting the entire machine, setting the rear tray so that it's supposed to be set to envelope settings and it still wants to print letters from there. Instead of insisting it's an operator error, Canon needs to acknowledge that there's a problem and do something to fix it. 


Greetings ,

I'm not sure that you can expect the instructions provided for another model printer to work with yours.

It might be more helpful to start a new thread. One specific to your printer,  the operating system you are using it with and anything else you feel might help us understand your issue.  This thread applies to another model device.  Thanks in advance.   


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Defaulting to the rear tray is a common issue across a lot of different printer models, and their solutions have pretty much all been the same, "adjust tray settings" or reset. 

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