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LPB-6230dw - How to Force Black and White?

Hi, installed on Linux Mint 19.3, working OK. How can I get it to print everything in black and white? It seems to be using half-tones for colors that makes no sense for a B&W printer. Half the lines are unreadable they are so light. I checked all the setup and it shows only halftone and no options to change it. Thanks

I have a black only ink setting in either the settings page of sys prefs in Mac or the settings control panel at the printer's IP address (needs to be wireless ready) for my mg3122.
If that fails just pressing the black start button might work. I might have held the stop button too while pushing it so it doesn't just scan. I don't remember. It cant be very many buttons to push since I recently set my girlfriend's mg 3600 to black only and didn't have instructions like I did when I did my own, but I might have used the ip portal. very unlikely I used the control panel on her IBM machine.


Hi, I am trying to force this thing to print only B&W. Installed on Mint 19.2 via USB. Selecting Menu / Administration / Printers / select the ONLY printer ('Canon LBP-6230-6240' on localhost) Settings / Other Options (Advanced) / print-color-mode This shows "color" with a drop down option of Monochrome. I select "monochrome," then click "Apply" and it changes back to color. It's a B&W laser printer so why "color" as the default AND why will it not change? This canon-linux-UFRIILT-drv-v500-usen-18.tar.gz needs looking at.

Hey noBrothers,


Welcome to the Canon Community Forum and thank you for your inquiry. For the community to better assist you, could you please verify the model number of your printer. Canon does not manufacture this model of printer. 


We look forward to your reply! 

Hi Porcha,


>> For the community to better assist you, could you please verify the model number of your printer.

>> Canon does not manufacture this model of printer.


Not sure how I messed up that Title, but did you not read the original posting for the actual printer. To wit,


select the ONLY printer ('Canon LBP-6230-6240' on localhost)



Hello noBrothers.


The LB6230dw does not feature color printing or recognition.  It also does not feature gray toner.  The only toner released for it by Canon is black toner.  When it places toner, the only option for each particular dot (of which there are 600 per inch) is black, or not-black (a.k.a. the paper's natural color).  Blending between black and not-black dots is not an option for toner-based monochrome printing.


In order to provide grayscale printing, it will translate each color to a shade of gray based on the color's mathematical matrix of properties, assign that shade of gray a density of black and not-black dots, and then place the black dots to the page according to that pattern.  Large patches of light shades of gray will more obviously show the way the toner is fixed as dots to the page.


If your printing requires photo-accurate grayscale printing, an inkjet will provide blending between colors by varying the amounts of ink applied and blending multiple colors on a single dot or on adjacent dots.  Inkjet printers also typically are able to reach a higher resolution (more dots of ink per inch).


Regarding the color settings, that will be from the printer driver in use.  We are unable to provide support for Linux, since every installation has its own unique properties, and the printer drivers may be affected by other installations, or unique system elements.


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Hello Darius,


Thank you for the cut and paste, inane and condescending reply. Please try and accept that some people may know what they are talking about. I have been programming computers for 40+ years and pretty sure of where I stand. So, please pass this on to someone Technical who can understand what I am saying.


This is the file and the print-out and clearly it is NOT black and white.





Here is the Setup showing me selecting "Monochrome" and the "Apply" button Enabled (NOTE printer definition at the top)





And, here is what happens when I click the "Apply" button, now grayed out, it returns the setting to "Color," EXACTLY as I described in my first post.


Now, perhaps we can move on and get an update to the driver to print in JUST black and white.




Hi noBrothers.


From your example, the lighter pink color text is being printed as a light gray color.  This is in keeping with common translations from color screen text to grayscale/black-and-white print from the past several decades.  The darker texts (bold dark blue, bold dark red, standard black) all show printing black correctly.


The printer is receiving the print information and putting it to page as directed by the computer.  Check the settings in the program in case it has a setting to help convert quoted text to darker print for black-and-white print output, or try a different printer driver.

This is a silly discussion.  I am trying to print a Microsoft Word document.  The file does have  some color, and some words are lighter than others.  My computer is iMac running Big Sur OS.  Everything is up to date.


I want to print it on my Canon LBP 6230dw printer, and most of the text is printed too light to read.


Simple question - it is a black and white printer, so please don't explain how to get colors to work better - all I want, is for all the text to be printed as solid black letters on a white background, so I can read it.


If I have no trouble reading the text on my screen, I should be able to read it on the printout - I think...????


I think that is what everyone else is asking.


I have no ideas on how to get the the menu screens up above.


I expect to be calling Caon Tech Support on Monday morning, tomorrow, as they give real answers to questions.

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