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Color imageCLASS MF743Cdw Bad toner splatter


Hello! I have a brand new MF743Cdw. On two sided print, I'm getting a very bad splatter of magenta (red) toner. Looks almost like someone spilled ink onto the page. Splatter appears to be from the right or left edge of the page, depending on the side.


I ran a couple of the cleaning routines in the maintenance section, but still getting splatter. Can rerun them if that's the best idea.


Do I maybe need to reseat anything that might have been jostled in shipping? The unit is really right out of the box.






There is nothing wrong with re-seating and retesting.  You should also contact Canon since the device has a 3 yr warranty and you are experiencing an issue out of the box.  I'm sure they have a way to deal with this, whether its exchanging the product with the seller, replacing the toner or replacing the printer itself.  Call or email them, they are always helpful.  

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Thanks, Rick! I tried to call them earlier, but it looks like they might be closed for the holiday today.


Now that I think of it, it's strange that they would ship the unit to the stores with toner cartriges already installed. That seems like an invitation for something to get messy inside.




EDIT: Actually, they are open! On hold right now. Thanks again.