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Image Class MF644Cdw streaked lines and colors faded


I have had this printer for a few years and it's been working fine till recently. Color quality is not good. Just put in new black cartridge; color cartridges are at 70%. Photos are printed with streak lines, colors are faded. On a pdf I just printed, no photo/graphic appeared as it should have, only a large rectangle green shape; same on other pages, squares of color instead of the graphic/photo that should have appeared. I have cleaned fixing assembly. What else can I do to make this printer work as it should.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello MDbradley,

If the color is printing streaked, it would point to a problem with the toner or the hardware. In this situation, you can start by reseating the color toner and gently shaking the cartridge to make sure the toner is evenly distributed. If that does not clear the streaks, you can try cleaning the ITB and fixing assembly. If you still have streaks after cleaning the printer, it looks like the color toner needs to be replaced.



I have the same issue. Streaks and faded colors. I did clean ITB and Fixing Assembly. Replaced toner and still the issue is there. What do I do now?