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I-sensys MF657dcw scanning quality differs between flatbed and feeder


Somewhere there is a setting that I am missing. Please help!

I use the Canon MF scan utility on my laptop. I can change all the settings thereon fine, and it works.

The problem is, there is still a different quality in the scan depending on whether:

1) I use the automatic document feeder or

2) I use the flatbed (platen glass).

No matter what settings I change in Canon MF scan utility, the platen glass scan comes out differently to the feeder, and it should not. Note: the quality is not bad, its just not the desired type. It is as if the feeder is scanning text and the platen fotos. Yet the settings is exactly the same in the MF scan utility.

This leads me to believe that there is a secondary place where you can change scan settings, which impacts or overrides the settings in MF scan utility? But where?

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