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imageCLASS MF656Cdw "banded stripes" when scanning checks in color


Just got this unit, it will scan and copy checks in black, but in color there are banded stripes. Is this a security setting I don't know about? I didn't see anything in the manual or online... HELP! Any input on this matter will be greatly appreciated!

Adding a pic of the check scanned in color... a color copy produces the same output.check copied in colorcheck copied in color

check scanned in color

[Subject line changed to more accurately reflect the problem being encountered.]


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Do the stripes appear when scanning or copying something other than checks? 🤔

No, everything else copies and scans just fine and checks copy / scan in black no problem also. I feel it has to be some new security feature and the client agrees, but I'd really like to hear it is for sure... (while the 30-day easy returns are available...)

I'll copy a check to see if that happens on my 743 and post the results.

Before taking the 656 back, factory reset it and try a copy one more time. If no change, try reaching out to Canon Customer Support and see what the representative says. 🙂



My 656 works.


Had to remove some info...  sorry.

These are the settings I used.


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I just copied a blank check, and it looked fine. I even went so far as to enlarge the image by 400% (the maximum that the 743 can do) and no problems seen.

Side note, with 400% enlargement, the portion of the check that was printed out contains part of the signature line. Interestingly, that line isn't a solid line, but a row of microscopic words that say AUTHORIZEDSIGNATURE. 😯


Thank you so for your input and testing! I will do a factory reset and contact Canon if need be... Does anyone know of a chat support option or is it just phone? 

It's a telephone number 🙂:

1 (800) 652-2666