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imageCLASS MF465dw Printing Labels error message


Is there a way I can tell my printer that when I am printing labels, I want it t print from the paper tray? It keeps prompting me to load paper but I have already placed the label paper in the tray, so I'm trying to eliminate the need to go to the printer to override the source.  Or, can I DO that using Remote UI?   I'm not in the same room as the printer. I do label printing (client labels for tax return folders) in bulk so I don't have to keep loading just one sheet at a time.  However, each page I have to tell the printer that I want to print to the tray.  I looked in the manual, but it only mentions labels once.  

Thanks for any help! 


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Rising Star

I own an MF743Cdw. If the 465 is similar to the 743, there is an option on the main menu to register custom-sized paper stock.

Try looking at the "Paper Settings" tab and see if anything there works. 🙂

Thanks! I'll try that!

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Post the results. If worse comes to worse, reach out to Canon Customer Support to see what the representative says. 🙂