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How to clean Vertical Lines on Imageclass D480


We have lines on our images when we print or scan.  How do we clean the lines off the printer?  Is it coming from the glass inside the printer?  The glass is clean on top.  The lines come in about 1" 1/2 on both sides and they are vertical.  Can you point me to a Youtube video or have any other suggestions as to how we can fix this problem.  As a forum link?




Hi yos1tcb!


Lines on your scans and copies may be caused by dust or debris in the scanning area of the document feeder.  Please follow the steps below to clean this area:


1. Turn OFF the main power switch and disconnect the power cord.


2. Open the ADF cover.


3. Clean the rollers (A) inside the ADF with a cloth dampened with water. Then wipe the area with a soft, dry cloth.


Do not dampen the cloth too much, as this may tear the document or damage the machine.


4. Close the ADF cover.


Be careful not to get your fingers caught.

5.  Power off and unplug the machine from the wall.


6.  Grab a lightly damp cloth.

7.  Lift the glass cover.

8.  Looking under the cover door as it is up in the air facing you, wipe off the thin white bar to the left.

9.  Looking down at the glass, to the left, you will see a thin plastic strip that sits on top of the paper size indicator bar.  Place your finger under the plastic strip and pop it out of place.

10.  Clean the plastic strip, making sure that you clean both pieces of plastic.


11.  Wipe the glass that the plastic was sitting on.

12.  Hold the strip up to the light and look for any creases or bend, or white-out and ink.

13.  Place the clean strip back into its slot.

14.  Close the glass cover and power the machine back on.

15.  Make a copy from a clean sheet of paper.


I hope this information is helpful to you.  Should you need further assistance, please contact us at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666).

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We're getting a vertical line about 1" from the right edge on every page that we print with our D480. Since the answer above just refers to copies and scans we were not sure if those steps are applicable to printing as well. Thanks for your help.

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