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Fix for Not Being Able to Scan and Email When Using Gmail

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I've spent the past few hours trying to figure out why my scanner wasn't emailing files and was receiving an error.  It worked in the past but suddenly stopped. The email set up on my printer is a gmail acccount.  My model is MF445dw, but I imagine this would be applicable to all printers.  After being on hold for about an hour, Canon explained and fixed the issue. I thought I'd share it:


- Log into Gmail and go to "Manage My Google Account"

- Go to Security

- Go to "Less secure app access" and turn it to "On"

- You will get an email from Gmail saying there is a security issue.  Click on the button to confirm that you made the change to the setting.


Easy enough! Wish I had that earlier.


Apparently, Google will reset this setting automatically every now and then or will send you an email about security issues and, if you ask it to correct the issue, it will turn off the "less secure apps" setting, so you may have to do this every now any again  (which explains why it suddenly stopped working). 

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Re: Fix for Not Being Able to Scan and Email When Using Gmail


This is widely known to person's in the IT industry.  Not so much to the average personn trying to use GMAIL for SMTP relay on their printer.  If you aren't using the account consistently, Google can and will disable it without notifying you.


I have not tested GMAIL on my MF644Cdw, but imagine the 445 and 644 are similar.  I would recommend enabling 2 factor authentication on your GMAIL acct for security.  Have you tried using an App Password?  This might eliminate the need for less secure apps alltogether.  It's possible the printer's firmware will not support it, but its worth trying.  


Sign in with App Passwords - Gmail Help (


Note: When 2FA is enabled, you no longer have the ability to use the "Less Secure Apps" option.

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