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Error 255,0,0 attempting to scan on Imageclass mf227dw with network connection


I am unable to scan with my mf227dw printer with network connection.  My network connection is fine as I can successfully send print jobs to the printer from a computer, but when sending instructions for a scan, scanner error 255,0,0 is produced.  The network connection is via Cat-5 cable, so wireless is not an issue.

System is Windows 11 Pro (just updated, but situation was the same with Windows 10)
System is completely up to date.
Canon drivers have been updated
Tool Box software has been updated
Printer firmware has been updated
The Patch for Network Scan has been applied

With all this, the error still occurs whether the Toolbox is used to scan or I attempt to scan using IrvanView to interface with the Canon scan utility.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello MCA9437606,

The error would point to a connection issue or something blocking the scanner connection. You can try turning off any security software to see if you are able to scan. If you get the same error, you can try scanning using a default Windows program like Windows fax and scan or Paint to see if it can locate the scanner.

If the other programs are unable to locate the scanner and turning your security software off does not resolve the issue, I would suggest contacting support over the phone at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to check what is preventing the scanner from connecting.



There is no connection issue because as I stated in my original post the printer will work fine when a print job is sent, which couldn't be done if there was a connection issue.  I think the issue is with Canon's drivers or the Toolbox software.  Using Canon programs to attempt a scan, I get the error.  Using the 3rd party VueScan program, it scans every time.