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Canon MX860 repeats B200 error code -- brought it back to store , they couldn't fix it.


Canon MX860 has error code B200, have cleaned and removed printer head

code still blinks.


Operation was a success but the patient died!!!  


Followed the power off - move to left - power on/off etc instructions several times.  Finally Success, the normal display screen came on and I was ready to go.


Went to copy a document.  Document fed in properly, machine made normal noises and mothins and then, the power totally died.   Nothing!  Nada!  Rien! Kaput!


Power went off and screen (obviously) went blank.  Print head unit is all the way to the right and lodged in place;  I can't pull it out.  Tried disconnecting power cord (from both ends) and tried re-starting but no power to the machine. 


I may have to take it in somewhere, or start looking for another Forum thread. 


Like I said,:  Operation was a success but the patient died!!!

After over a year of having this issue, this finally did the trick. Thanks a million! batteryheadbill you're awesome! I too signed up on this site to thank you

@Batteryheadbill- Thank you! Your solution worked for me were other solutions failed!

Thank you @batteryheadbill, this worked like a charm with my century old mx860 ! At least I don't have to buy a new printer right now.

OK, I thought this had fixed my printer, but it stopped after a couple of pages. And repeating the cycle ended up with the same result. This process seems to be just resetting the error code that reappears after a print or two. Finally I bought a new printer head from Amazon and it solved the problem. At $75/-, I have hopefully extended the life of this 4 year old printer for another 2 years. Since the rest of the machinery (scan, copy and fax) works well, it would be waste to be throwing this away just for the printer head replacement.

@ manishishah: Thanks for the info. I have a feeling that I'll end up having to order a new printer head and/or print carriage.

Would you mind posting the details (and/or a link, if it's allowed) for specifically which item you ordered from Amazon?  Sometimes it's hard to be sure an item is really compatible with the machines that the seller claims it is. It would be nice to know which one you ordered, since it sounds like it worked with your printer.



@BetsyRogers , I ordered "QY6-0073".  You should land there if you search for MX860 printer head on amazon.


@manishisha: Thanks for the info. Actually I forgot to specify that I'm using an MP560 although most people here are commenting on their MP860. I assume that you're using an MP860? (The MP560 has the same issues with this error message, and most suggestions for the MP560 are the same as for MP860). 

Anyway, I'll look at who the seller is for the item you ordered and see if they've got something for the MP560. At least I'd be starting out with a seller that gave you the right thing, thus increasing my chance of receiving the right thing (hopefully). 🙂


Whoa holy cow Batteryheadbill!!!! You saved me! I tried several other things to no avail. I had to do your trick 2x but it worked!!

Thank you! Bless you!

I also signed up on this site just to say thank you!!

Thanks so much battery head, your solution completely worked!

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