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MAXIFY MB5120 no scan to PDF (multiple pages)


Hello all, 


Please see this link and then I will ask my question:


Now, that link refers to the MB5000 series but it is pretty much idenical. 


The issue is that for a new MB5160 I setup, there is an option to scan to PDF (multiple pages) via pull scan method but no such option exists via control panel (push scan). When using push scan method, there is only a single page PDF option along with JPEG, TIFF and PDF (compressed).


Can anyone please explain to me why this would be the case? Maybe a Canon dev forgot to add it 🙂 I did forget to update the firmware so that may solve it but I find it almost unthinkable why such an option would be missing.




Rising Star



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Sorry. wrong model number. I meant Maxify MB5120.

Hi Marky000,


Multiple page PDF creation is only available when scanning from the computer.  It is not available when the scan is initiated from the MB5120.





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