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Canon MX860 repeats B200 error code -- brought it back to store , they couldn't fix it.


Canon MX860 has error code B200, have cleaned and removed printer head

code still blinks.


Thank you so much! It's working on my Pixma IP7220.

regarding the steps to open the printer and remove the printer heads....the printer head tray will not move over.

What should I do next?


Brian – London, Canada


Ref my MX860. So... I did NOT wash head or anything. I opened cover, shoved print head manually to left all the way. Rapidly pushed "on" button a bunch of times until unit beeped back at me with funny sounds and went completely dead... Well, before throwing out the second story window, I then rapidly, pushed "on" 5 or 6 times and noticed the print head moved to the right. I shut the deck and waited... and waited... the 'infamous' Canon 'I'm gonna print, no wait, wait, really, I am, in a minute, wait, wait, listen to my sweet sounds, wait, I'm fixin' to, wait". And then it happened! Everything got real quiet and my LCD screen popped up, looking totally normal. So far, it prints, copies and will send a fax. Try it, sure won't hurt, and it seems to have fixed mine 🙂

@batteryheadbill: Thank you for this solution! It is the only thing that has worked. My MX860 has been in B200 error mode for almost a year now. I can't tell you how many times I've cleaned the print head, turned things on and off, tried all sorts of crazy key combinations, etc. I finally demoted the printer to a toy for my toddler. Saw your post, decided to try it, and voila, it works.

@batteryheadbill - thanks, your solution worked for me too. I had tried taking out and cleaning the print head; made no difference. After seeing your post, I simply pushed the inktank holder all the way to the left; it automatically returned to its normal position and after closing the top - no more B200!

@batteryheadbill. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I had to actually repeat this a couple of times to make your solution work, but work it did. I registered with this site just to thank you.

TRY THIS FIRST -- I did an abbreviated version (ha) of batteryheadbill's post from 10-28-12013. I pushed "on" button rapidly three or four times and then made sure printer was off. Then opened the printer deck, slid print head all the way to the left. Closed print deck. Turned printer back on. Re-sent my last print job. Job was a little slow to print, but printer now works like normal!! Thanks for the simple idea.

Did NOT try any of Canon's suggested steps at top.

Batteryheadbill is my new hero. I tried the Canon suggestion first to no avail, and then saw Batteryheadbill's. It worked like a charm. Kudos to Canon for maintaining this website and to clever Canon product users for posting their suggestions.

This solution fixed my B200 error as well on MX870...shoved print head manually to left all the way. Rapidly pushed "on" button.  came back up to the normal ready screen.  I didn't have to do the extra steps or wait as long as it appears you did...but Thanks!

Thanks so much! This totally worked for me!! I also was getting B200 error. Based on your suggestion, I pushed the print head all the way towards the left and then while powering back on pushed the power button many times rapidly. It fixed the issue and I got the regular display on the LCD screen . Thanks a ton again!!

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