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Canon MF642C Poor printing


This is an example of the output of any document that I attempt to print.  There are magenta and yellow blotches across every page and a black /gray haze covering the page.  I have attempted to clean the printer via the maintenance settings and changed the toners.

Is this headed to landfill after less than 1200 images?

Canon MF642C Example.jpg


Product Expert
Product Expert


The image looks like some of the color toner cartridges are leaking or toner has spilled inside of the printer. You can remove the toner cartridges to see if there is any loose toner powder in the printer that you can clean up with a damp cloth. While the toner is out of the printer you can check the cartridges to see if any of them are leaking. Once you have cleaned up any excess toner, you can try cleaning the fixing assembly and ITB. If that does not resolve the issue, it will mean the printer needs service. You can contact support over the phone at 1-800-385-2155 or log into your MyCanon account.

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