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imageCLASS MF642Cdw Cyan Not Printing


I would like to get this printer repaired as the colour cyan does not print. I have gone through all the steps with a technician and even put a brand new toner cartridge in but it still does not print that colour. I now only use it for BW printing. Everthing else works great on this printer. I'm located in Toronto Canada and would like to know if it can be repaired or do I just throw it out just like the rest in our throw away society.



Hi, EleanorB!  Thanks for posting on the Canon Community Forum and thanks for consulting a technician on the issue with your printer.  As we're based in the United States, we don't have information on official Canon printer service channels in Canada and we recommend that you contact Canon Canada directly regarding this matter.

Hope this helps!

I did contact Canon Canada and it was their technician that took me through all the steps but I still have not found a service center that repairs printers and they did not tell me.

Hi ElenoreB,

Please start here:

Canon Canada Authorized Sales / Service Providers

Select Service and Repair > Business > Laser


Canon Canada does not allow customer drop off, and shipping a 642cdw would be cost prohibitive.  Finding a authorized repair center near you is preferred.

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Thankyou Rick for your quick response and help. You were very helpful.