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Canon M643cdw Problems with scan to pc

Hi guys,

First of All - sorry for my english, I am not a native speaker (I am from Austria). But I found this community while search Ing for a solution for my scan-problem

OK here we go:
I configurated my new multifunctional printer as it is described in the manual. Did all the steps multiple times because I thought I missed a step.
If I want to scan something and click <scan>, <file>, <adressbook> then choose the installed PC and then actually scan so that the printer saves the scanned file in the specific folder I created on the computer nothing happens. Ok not nothing but the printer doesn't save the file on the PC. He just prints a Page with a very "small" errormassage with "error - [computername]". No errornumber or something you can search for...
I really don't know what to do. I did everything like it's said in the manual, I tried it with the remoteUI - deleted the profiles, created them new... Nothing helped.

But there are two other ways to scan files:
I can also click <scan>, <computer> and then the printer scans the page and sends it to the PC BUT not to the specific file I want the printer to send the scanned file. Is it possible to change the path somehow maybe with the remoteUI? Because this way would be much easier because you only have to click 3 instead of 5 or 6 times.

3rd way to scan is via the MF ScanUtility Software from the Canon CD. In this also an easy way and you can tell the software where the printer should save the scanned file. Perfect BUT you have to do this at the PC and not at the printer and it took longer to scan the files... Don't know why.

So, maybe you guys can help me to solve this problem. Thank you and stay healthy


Hi DecoyFrost.


The second scan method you list is the preferred method when sending to a locally networked PC.  The destination folder may be set, in advance, through the MF Scan Utility's [Scan From a Device] tab.  It must be set individually for each individual scan option in that section.


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Hi Darius,

I thought about it that the second method should be the preferred one because it is just 2 clicks instead of 5 or 6 but I changed the destination folder in the MF Scan Utility Software on the PC for every method but the Printer doesn't save it in this specific folder

I will try it in the afternoon another time.

Hi Darius,

I tried it again right now and god... Thank you. I just didn't See the other tabs in the Software. I changed the path on the second tab now and it just works fine. Now I feel like a total noob 🤣

Thank you for your help
Stay healthy