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Black vertical line on scans

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I have an ImageClass mf4370dn and it suddenly has a black vertical line that is printing when I scan a document. It does not show up when I copy it. How do I repair the equipment? Thanks!


Bingo! Abosolutly right. Glass LOOKED clean but it wasn't. As I slowly passed my finger on the glass I could feel  something. I took a credit card edge and removed what ever it was. Wiped with a clean soft cloth and problem solved. No more lines. To be clear, this was on the small strip of glass in front of the big glass bed. Thank you.

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MP, thank you so very much!!  Your solution in Message 36 worked perfectly!!  I sincerely appreciate your helpful response.



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@mp33607 wrote:

Hi J, check out my post number 36. The line causing the problem is extremly hard to see.but it is there. The credit card trick works well and then another good cleaning. Good luck. MP

That only seems to work if the line appears when scanning using the ADF. Thas it not my issue. It only appears for my when scanning on the platen. Scanning letter size paper with the ADF is fine.

Thank you!  It wasn't easy, but your solution resolved my problem, too, and saved me from buying a new printer/copier.

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I have the same problem with a new ImageClass MF229dw...and it's happening when I'm not using the document feeder, but rather when the paper is simply being drawn up from the paper tray.  How can I remedy's really irritating.



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If the line is occuring when printing to the device, it is most likely the Drum or Imaging unit. You will need to buy a new one to remedy the line.

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I had the same problem and followed the above instructions with no help, but what I miss understood was not to clean anything with the cover where the paper's fed through, but on the actual glass that's under the top.


Here's what I did and it worked.


At the very front of the glass bed there should be a separate thin strip of glass that has a plastic strip over it for protection. That's the strip of glass that scans the paper fed into the scanner from the top. So what you need to do is lift the corner of the plastic, to get under it, and run a cloth or something under the plastic strip and over the glass. You can use almost anything under it to clear the glass/plastic strip. I used a moist cleaning wipe. Not a good idea because of the moisture. I could see the moisture from the wipe clinging the plastic strip to the glass after I wiped it, so I had to go under it again with on of those computer screen cleaners and everything was dry.


I scanned a blank page and the page scanned blank.    Perfect! 



I hope this helps.

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That worked for me! Thanks.


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mr 19th !

Thank you so much! Due to your precise description, I was able to clean the smudge off the little glass on my MX 922 and eliminate my problem!


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Worked like a charm!  Thank you Mr19th.

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Voila!  Thank you Mr.19th!! That finally did it! Thanks so much!