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physically disable wifi function on PIXMA TR150


I need to physically remove the wireless interface from the Canon PIXMA TR150 printer and use wired USB connection only. I know I can disable it in the user interface but that won't suffice. Has anyone ever tried to take one of these apart? Is there a service manual someone could send me on how to disassemble one of these units so that I may permanently disable wifi function? Thanks



1. Why do you want to "remove" the wireless interface? Why isn't disabling it enough?

2. The wireless interface is undoubtedly NOT a discrete component you can remove. It most likely is integral in the motherboard of the printer.

1. noyb

2. undoubtedly?, likely? sounds like you don't really know. did you ever take one of these apart to verify? if not please do not reply again

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How rude. Good luck.

I apologize. You are right, I was rude, and am very frustrated that we as consumers have allowed ourselves to become so vulnerable to cyberattacks with no apparent solution. Currently there are no wired (non-wireless) compact printers available on the market.

The answer to your first question follows....

We hijacked 28,000 unsecured printers to raise awareness of printer security issues (

Hi. I'm not a tech; however, the article you've referenced specifies UNSECURED printers are at risk. Not to disable the WiFi. You want to change the default password. You'll find instructions for that HERE.

I hope this helps, but if you need additional help, let us know!

I need to physically remove the wireless interface from the Canon PIXMA TR150 printer and use wired USB connection only.


He's going to need more than luck. The wireless interface cannot be physically removed without damaging the device.

The printer is not designed to be disassembled, changed or physically modified. Canon does not recommend or support this. It also voids the warranty. I have a feeling I know why this is being asked, but its not supported regardless.

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