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physically disable wifi function on PIXMA TR150


I need to physically remove the wireless interface from the Canon PIXMA TR150 printer and use wired USB connection only. I know I can disable it in the user interface but that won't suffice. Has anyone ever tried to take one of these apart? Is there a service manual someone could send me on how to disassemble one of these units so that I may permanently disable wifi function? Thanks


Yes, I need more than luck. Really hoping someone technical at Canon is monitoring these posts and can offer a real solution or someone who has intimate knowledge of the architecture may offer a solution. Warranty does not matter.


There are numerous wired ethernet - to-USB adapters available for wireless-only printers. Look on Amazon.

Yes, wifi-only printers are stupid. I would never buy one. Nor would I buy a printer I can't put on my network to share it.I have a Pixma MG 5420 wifi and USB only that I got for free and it'd be more reliable if it could use a wired connection.

Expecting a printer manufacturer to encourage you to hack their hardware (if even possible) is asking too much, don't you think?


Cyberdoog - did you ever get a good answer on this? 
I got the same kind of online response for the HP OfficeJet 200 "it can't be done", but turned out it was a socketed wifi card in that case.

To others - there are situations were the printer cost doesn't matter, the warrantee doesn't matter, and the software/firmware settings do not matter...  the WIFI _can_not_be_present (not just turned off).  Its our job to ensure that, and beyond that "why" doesn't matter either.

We're looking to switch to the Canon PIXMA TR150, but this question is a make/break issue for us.