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Pixma TR150 printer won't recognize black ink cartridge


My Pixma TR150 printer has worked fine for the last couple years. I had been printing with it prior to leaving on vacation. When I returned, I had to change the black cartridge and now the printer prints only with the color cartridge. Anything that is black on my page won't print. I have changed to a different ink cartridge, done a nozzle check, a cleaning and a deep cleaning, and tried to align the printer head. I received error code 2500 on the print head alignment--resolving the code only tells me things I've already tried. I cannot manually align it because it won't print the black ink.

I don't have official Canon ink but the ones I've been using have worked perfectly in the past. I even tried a different one than what I had used prior, with the same problem.

Any ideas? Thanks!


If you have a Canon account, you should be able to access support that way too.

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Make sure printer ink cartridge contacts are still clean.

If using refurb ink cartridge, try Canon.

A couple of years ago, my Canon PIXMA MP495 wouldn't recognize any ink cartridges anymore.  Troubleshooted the heck out of it, no go.  Couldn't only get it to recognize black.

I put in the official Canon black ink cartridge and it still wouldn't print black. I removed the print head (after doing everything else such as deep cleaning and trying the print head alignment, which failed) and the black looked quite clogged so I cleaned it carefully with alcohol and a swab. It still will not print the black. I'm so frustrated.

Shoot.  Good troubleshooting though.  I only have a couple of other ideas:

  • Google your subject line.  It gave me ideas, but links might get edited if it's not Canon links.  First article that comes up may be applicable.
  • 1-800-OK-CANON

Thanks, Brad. I tried to Google my topic but only see articles I've already accessed and they don't tell me anything different than what I've done. I even replaced the print head and it still won't print the black ink. I will need to contact Canon service. Thanks for your help.

If you have a Canon account, you should be able to access support that way too.


Thanks! I have a Canon cartridge on order and will try it.


Hi, been trying to troubleshoot the exact same problem and have also tried everything that you have done (including a new print head).  Nothing fixes it!  Did you get results from Canon?  This printer is only 18 months old and I am totally frustrated.  It shows that I have a full Canon Black cartridge but it will not print no matter what!!

Hi Donna. I had this issue come back again after finally getting things to work. I started using non-Canon ink and that did a number on my print head. Had to order a new head and now only use Canon  ink. I was told Canon puts something in their ink so it won’t clog print heads. Haven’t had trouble since doing that. 

And no, Canon was no help. I got help from a local print repair place. 

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