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Where to shoot in Death Valley


So I'm going down to Death Valley next week. I've got my stockpile of Fuji Velvia 50 ready to rock - but I'm looking for suggestions on sunset and sunrise locations. Any Death Valley vets have some input on where to shoot?



Racetrack Playa?

I'd despertly love to, but I dont think my rental car is up to the challenge of 2 hours off-roading.

Bad water for sunrise and Stovepipe Wells Sand Dunes/Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes for sunset.


Badwater, Zabriski Point, Devil Goft Course are better for sun rise because you'll get nice alpenglow on the Paramint range.


Stovepipe well sand dunes can be good for both sunrise and sunset. But I recommend you save it for sunset and go to other places for sunrise.

Weekend Travelers Blog | Eastern Sierra Fall Color Guide

I'd add a sunset shot of the Greenwater and Funeral Mountains from Mahogany Flats can be very nice.  Also, If you have any off-road/high ground clearance capability at all then Ibex Dunes at sunset or Striped Butte is pretty good.  Of course, Titus Canyon will give you some great shots, and if you're lucky you can photograph bighorn sheep in there from time to time.  I got bighorn pics last February from a female standing on a cliff face literally 40 feet away from me.  Very cool.

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