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So I'm going down to Death Valley next week. I've got my stockpile of Fuji Velvia 50 ready to rock - but I'm looking for suggestions on sunset and sunrise locations. Any Death Valley vets have some input on where to shoot?
Okay, I'm a couple of weeks late - but hey, the forums werent up (really) on the 31st! Still, that doesnt mean we cant share our awesome photos from All Hallows Eve! Here's a couple to get us started:    
Hey guys - You probably don't know this, but next year is the hundredth anniversary of the commissioning of the first transcontinental highway - the Lincoln Highway. I've stated a Kickstarter project where I hope to document some of back roads and th...
Wait a second - it's 2012, the 21st century! Why in heavens name would someone still shoot film? Easy! I dont like digital. Now, mind you I do think that Digital has it's place, but I just like the look of film SO much better. It's got better dynamic...
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