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Shooting with film, and debating an upgrade. Plz help


I'm currently shooting with a Rebel 2000 SLR (35mm film). I'm a little confused as to what I should look into as a possible upgrade. I am considering an EOS R, but don't want to have to buy new RF lenses if I don't have to. I'm not sure how well an adapter would work with my old lenses, if there is any change to the focal points, or if AF will still work properly. I was told that an easier upgrade would be a 5D or 6D. I don't know too much about digital cameras. My only experience with digital cameras is with an old Olympus Stylus point and shoot.



What lenses?

Any EOS lenses should work fine with the Canon mirrorless adapters.

What is your budget?

Do you need full frame?

Frankly, you can probably stick with the Rebel line and go for a Rebel T7i, or go up to an 80D.


Holy smokes, yes, it's time to upgrade.  You will love being able to actually see what you are capturing instead of shooting and "hoping" you got the shot. 


Any Canon EF lens will work with a new Canon DLSR or Mirrorless body.  If you go mirrorless (R or RP) and I'm not suggesting you do, you will need an adapter or control ring.


What lenses do you have now?  Older 3rd party lenses might not work with newer body's, if they are Canon, you'll be OK.   


You are sort of on the cusp of things.  Canon has released its first gen mirrorless and is already working on new models.


Do you have a budget? 


What do you usually take pictures of? (Sports, Landscapes, Wildlfe, Nature)


We can make some additionanal suggestions after you fill in the blanks.



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It may or may not be what you're looking for in the long run, but at this moment the obvious choice is the 5D Mark IV, the price of which has fallen to $2000 at B&H (and probably the other big New York stores).


Don't buy the R now. If you're determined to go mirrorless sooner rather than later, at least wait for the R-2.

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What lenses do own or plan to use?  Every Canon EOS lens made for film cameras should work today's digital camera bodies.  As noted some 3rd party lenses might not work, especially with the RF adapter. 

What type of computer do you plan to use?  Using a digital camera almost requires that you use a computer to download and process photos from digital negatives to digital prints, RAW to JPG. 

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@HudsonJon wrote:

... I don't know too much about digital cameras. My only experience with digital cameras is with an old Olympus Stylus point and shoot.

That statement suggests to me that before you do anything,you need to do some research on digital cameras and photography. 


There are many books on the subject of digital photography you can borrow from the library (it's the holiday season, so unless you work in IT you probably will have time).   Furthermore, get onto website (try using your local library catalogue to find it, 'cos it's free through them) - you can use the site for a month for free if you have no library access.   They have excellent tutorials on all aspects of photography, so start with some of the tutorials on digital photography introduction.  Look for this one from Ben Long and move on from there: Introduction to Photography with Ben Long, then move on to other topics as you require.


Also see this post for the questions you should ask yourself:


It's important to know what you're getting into:  at this stage you are likely on the cusp of entering a digital camera system and for a Canon user the choices are (depending on your needs and budget) based on a range of lens mounts: EM for EOS M (mirrorless) bodies , EF-S for EOS APS-C bodies, EOS EF for FF and APS-C bodies, and RF for EOS R (mirrorless bodies).


(Note to other posters: before you rubbish EOS M cameras, let's wait and see what the OP's actual needs are.  EOS M cameras fulfil a specific market.)   I have a huge number of cameras and take EOS M5's with me on occasion.


With that knowledge under your belt you can certainly gain more from the advice we will happily render from here.

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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"...the obvious choice is the 5D Mark IV, ... Don't buy the R now. If you're determined to go mirrorless sooner rather than later, at least wait for the R-2."


Totally disagree with the first part of this reply and totally do agree with the second part. The "oblivious" choice is a Rebel T7i.


Now if you do really want to make the leap into digital and don't care how much it costs, than go for the 5D Mk IV.  There is only one camera made that tops it, the 1DX Mk II. The reason is because you said you have some lenses.  I doubt any lens you have, although they might mount on a 5D4, they certainly will not do it justice. That means you will have to replace all you old film era lenses.

On a Rebel they still may not let it preform to it's ability but they would be fine until you can weed them out with some current lenses.


Check out the Rebel T7i.  It will feel like an old friend in your hands.

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