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You wanna see mirror slap?



Makes you wonder how DSLRs manages to last as long as they do when so much of the mechanical bits seem to be made of Jello.


Nice demo of controlling shutter speeds with a focal plane shutter. Also to explain the maximum shutter sych speed when using a strobe flash.

The "jello" part is actually good because the shock force is stretched and dissipated over time instead of the full shock load being dissipated in an instant which would be much harder on parts.  It is a different version of the same rationale for the "crumple zones" in modern vehicles which do such an excellent job of dissipating force over time and area in order to protect occupants in accidents that would have been fatal if the majority of the shock load was transferred through the structure into the passenger compartment and passengers through non-yielding frame and body components.


Also what seems fast to us as humans is actually pretty slow to many mechanical objects. The pistons in your car are going through their full upward and downward excursion cycle 30 or more times per second while cruising on the interstate and they do this for thousands of hours and they don't exit their homes during those brief excursions to maximum RPM while passing when they are reciprocating through a full cycle 100 times per second or more. 



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