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Upgrading from Canon T6 for video and pictures. (Hobbiest)

I have the Canon T6 and I like using it. I got it because i was making YouTube videos on my p hi one and wanted to get into the "real camera" world. I brought this DSLR at a pawn shop and I am happy with the results.
I want to upgrade to a camera with a mic input and flip screen. I have been looking at the SL2 and SL3 for my next camera but wondering if it is worth the jump to just go bigger. I have also had my eyes on the Canon 90d or EOS RP. I think that might be too big of a jump.
I would like to try to use this next camera to make some part time money shooting videos or taking pictures. (Shutter stock, weddings, birthdays, family portraits)
What would be a good upgrade from this entry level camera with out breaking the bank?



This is one of those situations where giving advice is hard because we don't have any idea what your experience level or budget is?  The folowing is true though.  You cannot "buy" yourself into being an event or wedding photographer.  Taking good pictures and video doesn't just happen with expensive equipment.  It takes practice and is a developed skill, even if its a hobby or part time endeavor.  To give better advice, maybe you can tell us more about your experience level and budget?   



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Right now I don't have an exact budget but I was looking for something under $1000. I have a small YouTube channel and I am practicing so I can begin getting clients. I wanted to upgrade to something with a mic jack and flip screen. 4K isn't in my goals yet and C Log would be nice but not necessary. hope this gives you a better insight into what I am looking for. 

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