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Print Studio Pro mac osx 10.15 Catalina error


macosx 10.15

Canon Pro-1000 printer

Photoshop 2019 CC


I upgraded to mac osx 10.15 catalina, and now whenever I open the Print Studio Pro plugin in Photoshop CC 2019 it crashes instantly and says "And error has occured... Print Studio Pro will now close" and my only options is "ok".


I tried reinstalling with a fresh copy of the plugin off the canon website and it still won't load. 


I wish I could use the standard photoshop print dialog but even selecting my MOAB paper profile the print still turns washed out and ugly.


Has anyone solved this?


Canon, please advise when the anticipated date for 10.15 Driver release is. It is frustrating with all the work arounds I am requred to do. Im currently usling older work stations I had to bring up from storage. I hope you are a company that does not contribute to our global environemntal crisis by producing equipement that is rendered usless due to lack of software only. I cannot afford much more time with my current workflow and will be forced to look elswere for my printing requiremts if not rectified in short order. Thanks for listening. 

Gee, since September 30th until today and Canon still has not updated their software.  I guess early October was just wishfull thinking.

Hello, I still have the same problem and don't know how to solve it. is there a solution available now?


Is there any idea when Canon will develop PSP for Catalina as I'm not able to print. Frustrating.

Okay I think I've solved it on my iMac for Lightroom at least. I have a MacBook Pro that I never upgraded to Catalina so looked into the Finder to see why I kept getting this error. 

/Library/Caches/Canon/PrintStudioPro/PrintStudioPro_LR_TEMP does not exist. 

So I created a folder in the following where PrintStudioPro_LR_TEMP was the new folder. 


I am now able to open the PSP plugin albeit for Lightroom only. 


I'm also having this problem and I am very frustrated. I buy $100+ in Canon ink and fine art paper every month and I thought I could rely on this plug-in.

Hi there van-attend. I'm as disappointed as you are. I've highlighted a workaround in a thread earlier in his forum. Basically, if you have Lightroom then a workaround is to save the Photoshop file you're working on as a TIF or JPG and open it in LR. Then you can use PSP from LR. 

I don't have Lightroom and I have presets built into the color management settings in PSP. I created an install volume on an SD card from an old OS X Mojave combo file, booted from that and installed the OS onto a fresh external hard drive. From there, I installed Photoshop and PSP. I'm out some cash, time, and I've got to restart and boot from a whole separate drive when I want to print, but now I'm not going to be waiting on this update. Cheers.

Hi I too am having this issue. I just purchased a new IMAC with 10.15.1 and cannot print to my Pixma Pro 100 due to error i get with launching PSP from Photoshop 2020.  If i use the print dialogue box in photoshop the prints turn out terrible and cannot proceed. Really needing an updaed driver!! 



Print Studio Pro has not yet been updated for the Catalina operating system.  Please continue to check the download section of your product on our website in the future for a new release.  If you need to use the plugin for now, we would have to advise that you use a computer that is running Mac OS 10.14 and earlier, or Windows 10 and earlier.

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