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Most wanted stuff for landscapers. A 40mp camera and an ultra sharp 14-24


The big want for me is a 40+ mp camera and a sharp 14-24 lens. The camera does not need speed, fancy AF or even a 1-series body. A large detacahble view screen woule be nice. Even a wireless remote option.


Very happy that it does it for you Jeffrey. Just accept that not everyone has same standards as you. I'm not saying yours are low, as you are totally right for many applications. But hanging very large print on a wall in art galleries aren't the same, art collectors are very high demanding and we must provide best quality. When they buy several thousands $ prints you don't give them some pixels puree. Smiley Wink

So yes, a lot of photographer don't need more than 21mp. But yes, some of them need more, period. This doesn't mean we don't want cleaner with better DR ones !

What?  There are art galleries that sell very large prints?  Where?  From my observations, there are none left.  Haven't seen one in years.


But you are right that realy big prints do well with bigger files.


And, I'm sure my standards are at least equal to yours.  Perhaps your prints are just bigger!

I shoot landscapes with a 5DMK3.. 24mm T&S L glass, 24-105 L glass and 70-300 L glass.  I also shoot panarama landscapes with a Fuji GX617 film camera and when I compare the two framed photos there is a biggg difference.. the 617 film has so much more detail over digital, its so amazing.  I mainly print my pano's at 52 inch X 17inch and believe me you can tell the difference and so I believe there is a market out there for a high megapixel camera  ...


The problem with panarama's is that you crop to get the 3:1 format and your 22 megapixels quickly ends up to around 12 - 15.


I am waiting in the hope that Canon will announce a high pixel camera (35mm or 645mm format).  I dream of a panarama 3:1 sensor @ 50+ megapixels ( I did said dream)... and would be happy to pay the price in the blink of an eye.


Just thought I would have my two cents worth.

My viewing distance is always 1-2 feet no matter what size the print is. This is where my vision is best.

What is your buyers viewing distance?

Have you lost sales because you don't have enough pixels now?


I have no buyers, I print for my own walls and I view them as close as I choose. I do the same at galleries where I often see soft corners, dust bunnies and in some cases, prints that were printed too large for the resolution of the system.

Do you have 20/20 vision?

Do you view all of your images at 100% on your monitor?

Can you post a link to your on-line gallery?


I have pretty good vision out to 1-2 feet, but very poor at any distance. Hence the reason why I get close where I can actually see stuff. Yes, I view everything at 100% when I am working on it and of course when I print where the resolution is only about 240PPI.


If resolution is of no concern to you, it is easy to get less. Viewing my gfallery at Smugmug is of no use since it can only be viewed at low size. But they are stored full size there for printing purposes.


You said speed not an issue.

You can always shoot two consecutive horizontal or vertical images with 5D and stitch them in post processing to have a larger that 40 MP picture 🙂

..yes you can provided that you dont do sunrises/sunsets on the coast with approaching waves, waterfalls etc... that puts a stop to any idea of stiching as you have to cover the shot in one exposure for continuity of the picture.

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