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Most wanted stuff for landscapers. A 40mp camera and an ultra sharp 14-24


The big want for me is a 40+ mp camera and a sharp 14-24 lens. The camera does not need speed, fancy AF or even a 1-series body. A large detacahble view screen woule be nice. Even a wireless remote option.



If it is in the wild being tested as rumors state, it will be an interesting camera indeed. Maybe Canon will give it a slimmer AA filter or completely without one in order to maximize resolution. The price rumors I've read are Man Sadthough...


It will no doubt be compared to the D800 because of the pixel count, and as a result price will be a factor for competition sake.


The Canon 14-24 has a stiff competitor in the Nikon version which is supposed to be the best there is right now...but the 24-70ii showed Canon can do it 😉

Yep I have the 24-70 mk2 great lens, firts zoom I have liked for landscapes