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How To Include Page Numbers On All Pages



I am trying to add page numbers to all the my documents. Is there a way to create a stamp that uses a variable value similar to the Date/Time/User Name stamp?

If there is another way to add page numbers to all pages I am open to that as well, my main concern is printing PDFs that have no page numbers but many pages.

DateTimeUserStamp.pngIs there a way to create a custom stamp? Where are these stamp settings located? Is this stamp generated by the printer or on my computer prior to printing and if the latter is true can I create a stamp that reflects the current page number?




Without knowing what you are printing to or what application you are printing from...


This is the best information I can priovide. 


A document scanner might have this functionality.


Business printers such as Image Runner, Konica Minolta Bizhub and Ricoh office printer have this feature.  


A consumer printer does not usually include this functionality.


It might be possible for you to buld a cutstom header or footer into a WORD or PDF document.  You have to research this.


I cannot be more specific based on the information you suppplied.

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