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Canon's future - sorry if this has been posted before

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Re: Canon's future - sorry if this has been posted before

I am also concerned.  I have been a Canon customer for a number of years now, and I am watching them continue to "cut corners" on their cameras.  I will not buy a Mirrorless camera until such time as Canon decides they are going to engineer and produce a camera that has customer requested features and is in the right price range.  The EOS R has some "issues".  Canon could have made that camera so much better than it is, and it would be in extreme high demand, but no, Canon has to turn out something less than what it could have been.


Here is a DSLR example:  I just bought the Canon 6D Mark II, and I purchased it in spite of lower dynamic range than my present 80D APS-C sensor camera, all the focus points being in the center, etc.  One online critic rated it as the "worst" camera of 2017..  It has just about all the features I was looking for - but - if they would have included the same sensor as the 5D Mark IV, they would have had a camera that would have been enormously popular and made lots of money off of it.  Now, why would Canon do this?  Lose 5D Mark IV customers?    Lose 7D customers, lose 80D customers, lose Rebel customers?


Canon is very good at frustrating their customers, if you ask me.  Sadly, I am not in a position to switch to another brand.   I am concerned that Canon could fall out of the camera / lens market altogether if they do not designing cameras with good features and a tremendous sensor, good focus features, etc.  Make it a "mid-level" full frame camera with an affordable price tag, and it will be in demand.  Canon is not in a position to continue its present strategy of making a camera with lots of good points and then leave a couple of critical ones out.  That just simply has to stop - right now.


Canon can do this, and they know it.  Maybe they make enough money off their copy equipment, printers, etc. that they can afford to lose their photography market.  It gives me the impression that they do not have the courage or the desire to take the risk to put all the best in a camera and sell it at a good price point.  In the end, Canon's photography market could fall apart, and not only will all of us lose, but they will lose as well.


I have no idea if Canon if listening. Someone on the Board of Directors is looking at $$$$ only, but that strategy is going to be Canon's undoing.  Make a high quality camera that people will want to buy.  Take a risk and watch Sony and Nikon panic.



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